Multiple Intelligences

The theory of Multiple Intelligences was first proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983. Multiple Intelligence theory shows that …

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MultiSensory Learning

A multisensory approach, also known as VAKT (visual-auditory-kinesthetic-tactile) implies that students learn best when information ..

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About Us

Triway Learning Private Limited is an educational enterprise dedicated to the
development and enhancement of linguistic aptitude and multiple intelligences.
Passion for limitless learning and continuous holistic growth for one and all,
is at the DNA of Triway. With a rich history spanning more than a decade,
Triway has made a difference in the lives of 5 lakh plus students
and several educators in over 200 schools.

Triway is headquartered in the IT hub of India, Bangalore and its network
extends across Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, covering even
remote villages in southern India. The organization is employs
100+ highly skilled and specially trained Enablers who conduct
Triway’s programs across various institutions.

  • A Quest for Effective Education

    Our journey began 13 years ago when we saw a gap between conventional education and employability. We noticed that highly skilled graduates from various majors such as finance, IT or engineering, quite often did not meet the mark when it came to expressing themselves confidently.

  • Unique Pedagogy for Linguistic Intelligence

    This gave our research direction; we immersed ourselves in studying the language acquisition facility of the human mind. We were fascinated by the instinctive, response-to-stimuli process which facilitates learning of the mother tongue.

  • Time Tested

    More than a decade’s rigorous effort has gone into perfecting Triway’s methodology and operations and several transformed schools, teachers and job-seekers stand testimony to its effectiveness.

  • Philosophy Powering Us

    At Triway we believe that everyone has an innate, unlimited potential to excel, inspire and lead. There are no bounds to what one can achieve, if only there is the will and positive guidance.

  • Guiding Forces

What others say about us

Mr. K. S. Elavarashen

After participating in EngCampus, our school is a place where English is spoken with confidence and pleasure. Role-plays have had a striking effect on the students, giving them both linguistic aptitude and an experience to cherish. The enhanced English language skills are transforming our students into energetic performers and enthusiastic learners.

Mr. K. S. ElavarashenChairman, SSM Group of Schools
Dr. M. Sivasubramaniam

EngCampus is giving our students the unique ability to put their domain knowledge into effective practice. Our students are mastering interpersonal skills & engaging in comprehensive usage of English.  Moreover, its fine-tuning the students’ attitudes and values and helping them embrace new ideas and futuristic thinking. We also note an increased sense of confidence and clarity of mind.

Dr. M. SivasubramaniamChairman, Sri Ramakrishna Mat. Hr. Sec. School