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Phonics for India!

India ranks first in countries which have the highest youth population which is about 356 million amongst which 31 million are unemployed and currently seeking jobs. The number of unemployed Indians is steadily increasing each year. Even with the highest youth population, India is still a developing country and not a developed country. Reports say […]

The Importance of Soft Skills in Schools

Why is it important to have soft skills? What is the use of soft skills? Once students pass out of the school and go for higher education and later for employment, developing soft skills is one of the ways to boost your opportunities. Soft skills are personal qualities that allow an individual to interact with […]

Phonics: A Must-have for Schools in India

All across the world, the education system is changing rapidly. In India, however, the situation is different. The education system of India is lagging behind. Reports show that 80% of Indian school students from age 5-15 can’t read and write properly. To gain understanding of any information, a person has to be able to read. […]


Teach Outside the Box – A Series

The outdoor environment is a ready stage for seamless play and learning. You would almost feel guilty you tricked your students into studying while they thought they were playing! There are plenty of games you could play with your English learners outdoors that are stimulating and highly effective.

Instruction Design makes all the Difference

Design is a fluid and organic process, and despite all the models and methods at your disposal, you will find that each design destination calls for a new road. Your design method will always be subject to the time and place where it must be applied. It cannot be stressed enough that design must be flexible to adapt towards the needs of each learner, topic and method. We have shared the key-points of the instruction design process here and we can end with a summary highlighting the principles that will help you along your way.