EngCampus is a linguistic-intelligence and critical reasoning training module for schools focused on fluent English communication through indoor, outdoor and recess activities for students across grades as well as teachers. Within one year of implementation of the EngCampus program, the school can expect transformation to a 100% English Campus. The module follows a non-campus and non-didactic method, facilitated by an in house trainer deputed in the campus by Triway.

  • Helps schools, educators & students achieve linguistic proficiency & cognitive intelligence
  • Enables the switch from rote-learning to multi-sensory learning
  • Transforms campuses into 100% English proficiency zone
  • Implements world class custom designed pedagogies


E-Kindergarten is an innovative learning program to enable Kindergarten and lower primary students to excel at verbal skills and promote cognitive enhancement. An interactive module, revolving around activities and skill-building, E-Kindergarten (E-KG) was modeled after the Multi-Sensory learning approach. E-KG breaks from conventional pedagogy and empowers learners to engage all their senses, develop critical thinking abilities and an independent drive towards learning.

  • Develops multiple intelligence in students through multi-sensory learning
  • Evolves classrooms to fun-filled, nurturing & stimulating environment
  • Facilitates linguistic, intellectual & cognitive advancement
  • Implements world class custom designed pedagogies


BOOC specializes in language and soft-skills training for fresh graduates seeking to enhance their value in the job market. Traditional academics often fail to prepare students for a real-world job where effective communication is the key to success.BOOC bridges this gap through enhanced linguistic intelligence conditioning, confidence building and grooming.

  • Value-add for job market
  • Linguistic, Intellectual and cognitive advancement
  • Right-brain left-brain coordination, trans-personal communication skills
  • Teamwork & Leadership skills