The Importance of Soft Skills in Schools

Why is it important to have soft skills? What is the use of soft skills?

Once students pass out of the school and go for higher education and later for employment, developing soft skills is one of the ways to boost your opportunities. Soft skills are personal qualities that allow an individual to interact with others.

Soft skills are very important for all students and need to be imparted right from school, in order to enhance their employability in the future. These soft skills are important for every person in any organization.

A couple of soft skills considered to be highly essential for school children are as follows:

Communication: important when it comes to communicating with classmates, teachers, and also with friends and family members.

Strong communication is considered to be a vital trait of every student, since a smart student must be able to speak clearly and comprehensibly. Strong communicators can adjust their tone and style according to the context and express their ideas to friends, teachers, and also parents.


Having positive attitude and initiative towards learning is a vital soft skill for any student. It shows that you can fit into any kind of expectations and responsibilities.


Leadership gives us the ability to communicate effectively and an aptitude for self-motivating and motivating others.

Problem solving:

Problem solving does not just require creative and analytical skills but it requires a particular mindset those who can approach a problem with cool mindset than those who cannot.

Ability to work under pressure and time management:

Time management is the ability to utilize time effectively and enhance academic performance through the process. Students who manage their time effectively are found to score high in their academics.

Software skills play an important role in the school as well as at home. Triway Private Limited is dedicated to the development of students and for over a decade now, has made a huge difference in the lives of 5 lakh plus students and several educators in over 200 schools.

It is located in Bangalore and its operations are extended across Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamilnadu. Programs and products offered by Triway are based on scientific pedagogical approaches, involving concepts like Multiple Intelligences, Multisensory Learning and Role Play Based learning.

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